Men's Abberley Simple Fit Duffle Coat With Wooden Toggles - Navy

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Creating a simple design, or a plain design. Is there a difference? We set out to make a new Icon, based on the minimal duffle coat, first seen a very, very long time ago- and made by us. This Abberley duffel is unadorned, unaffected, a minimal design to express the essence of the Original and Authentic duffle coat. To create a design that simply is right requires an understanding of the both the past, and where we may be going. The Abberley is an echo of the coat we made around 1900. It is like all icons based on the fundamental premise that it should do most things well and one thing brilliantly. It feels perfect. There are no unnecessary elements. We have used the least number of components possible, including the finest recycled wool from near Florence, in Italy. Being a simple design it is aesthetically pleasing, humble yet beautiful. We re-examined our method of making to ensure the Abberley would meet our target of lasting around 20 years, be warm, be comfortable, be your favourite for those bad weather days. The colours and textures are superb, as you would expect with Italian fabric, but the Abberley remains unaffected and unassuming. Really rather nice. And a great price for this quality of design and quality of product. Mid length, typically 90 cms from under the base of the collar to the hem.


  • We believe in producing clothes that people need, that will last an exceptionally long time, are easy to maintain and repair, yet are soft to touch, comfortable and warm to wear, and are sure to be your favourite choice.
  • Every Abberley features a tartan lining, chosen to enhance the outer colour, and woven as a single piece, outer and inner together.
  • As the Authentic developer of the Original Duffle, we know that you want a loose, but comfort fit, allowing for layering with woollen sweaters that add to the genuine look that never dates.
  • 32 ounce, 900 gms wool mix fabric- 70% recycled wool blended with 30% mixed polyester fabric to provide a guarantee of a long life.
  • Rope straps and engraved wooden toggles- sustainable and original.
  • Custom design by Original Montgomery
  • Triple panel hood, with inner canvas tapes.
  • Relaxed fit design, best worn loose. Our size guide will help but its best to stick to your regular size.
  • We have been making Montgomery Duffles in England since 1896- if you want the real thing, you have found it.

    • Product Care

      Dry clean or steam and press

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      Sizing Guide

      Please note the measurements shown are the GARMENT not the person. The simplest way to ensure you buy the correct size is to buy the same size of all other garments you buy- so if you normally buy a Small then that is the correct size to buy in your duffle coat.

      Product Measurements

      Size Shoulder Chest Sleeve Length
      S 48cms 115cms 65cms 88cms
      M 49cms 120cms 66cms 89cms
      L 50cms 125cms 67cms 90cms
      XL 51cms 130cms 68cms 91cms
      XXL 52cms 135cms 69cms 92cms

      Size Shoulder Chest Sleeve Length
      S 18.5inches 45inches 25.5inches 34inches
      M 19inches 47inches 26inches 34.5inches
      L 19.5inches 49inches 26.5inches 35inches
      XL 20inches 51inches 27inches 35.5inches
      XXL 20.5inches 53inches 27.5inches 36inches
          EASY FIT- Sizes S-XXL