Mens Reef Custom Fit Pea Coat With Teddy Bear Recycled Wool Fabric. Original And Best


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So what is Original? The pea coat has many claims to origination. The British claim is that it is a development of the Blazer, used exclusively by officers, and was developed as a short uniform coat for those sailors sent up the mast to Reef the sails.

We have focused on the detail, keeping our pattern close to the Original with minimal changes keeping form with function.

We have been making Reef pea coats for over 100 years so all we had to do was create a modern day version of this iconic jacket.

Surprisingly the use of Recycled fabric is not new, The Royal Navy have used recycled fabric whenever the need was greatest.

Today we are using Teddy Bear fabric, not too heavy, 800gms, but creating a very correct look and feel.

You will make this pea coat your favourite. Comfort and Durability.


  • •The Reef is designed to look good. Fashion maybe, but the Reef will be in fashion for the next 100 years.
  • •Designed to last. Keep smart with an occasional brush, steam and press.
  • •Raised centre back seam with single vent.
  • •Over-sized collar with hand made rope closures at neck. The collar has a stand at half back to support the collar.
  • •Twin set in flapped pockets, and inside wallet pocket.
  • •Lined in recycled poly/cotton.
  • •Teddy Bear fabric is 50% wool, 50% polyester- made in Italy to an exceptional standard.
  • •As the Authentic developer of the Original Duffle, we know that you want a loose, but comfort fit, allowing for layering with woollen sweaters that add to the genuine look that never dates.
  • •We have been making Montgomery Duffles and Pea Coats in England since 1896- if you want the real thing, you have found it.
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