Men's Brushed Shetland Sweaters


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Shetland is an island nearer to Norway than England. The islands are exposed, the weather is wild, coming in turn from the Atlantic and the Urals.

Shetland has some of most beautiful, and deserted, beaches anywhere in Europe.

Partly they are deserted because Shetland is good distance, but mainly it’s because the weather can turn in an instant. It is possible to have all four seasons in one day.

And that is why Shetland wool is so special.

Shetland sheep are supremely well suited to this environment, and these animals produce a tough fine wool well known for its `scratchiness`. Scratchy? The fibres are brittle, extra-long, and very thick. This is to keep the sheep protected from wind and rain, are coated with lots of lanolin oil to make these fibres waterproof, and in years gone by the Shetland sweater was mainly to be admired rather than worn.

Admired because the colours are amazing and easy to enhance with natural dyes.

But today we apply a very big brush to our finished garments to soften and felt this wonderful fibre. This brushing breaks down the brittle fibres, creating a softer finish, that once we wash it, felts into a deep finish that shows the colours strongly.

Too little brushing and the sweater remains itchy, too much and the fibres fray. Made here in Leicester. Read less

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